Dual Citizen - Fresh Splash [tnj005]

Dual Citizen – Fresh Spalsh [tnj005]

Cover:Dual Citizen – Fresh Spalsh [tnj005]

Strap into your gaming chair, pull up a juice box and launch right into 1997 with ‘Fresh Splash’ – the single from newest Jam Family Records artist Dual Citizen. This song is a sun-drenched sonic odyssey that feels the mix of Crusin’ USA and Wave Racer 64 and genuinely leave no option but to get up and move your feet.  Stream the song below and check out our chat with the artist!

Artwork was done by my friend imlih.w. (https://www.instagram.com/imlih.w/)

Be sure to read our full interview with Dual Citizen.

Dual Citizen – Fresh Splash [tnj005]

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