The Blancos Fool For you Cover Art

The Blancos Summon Pink Floyd & Nas Vibes in ‘Fool For You’

The Blancos Summon Pink Floyd & Nas Vibes in ‘Fool For You’

If there was ever a WWE style walkup theme song for a group, The Blancos have released it with their new single ‘Fool For You’. Setting off the duo’s next string of releases, Fool For You is a Jimi Hendrix meets Pink Floyd facemelter of a rock song with the hip-hop vibe of a Nas track. The song has something for everyone: masterful guitar work, haunting production, Chris Stapleton level vocals, and a built-for-tough, Gotham City smokey room vibe that is unmistakably The Blancos.

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The song conveys the pain of being away from love, opening “I’ve been on the road so long, singing the same old song, your face is silhouetted in my mind.” and continuously returning to the line “..but you will always be the one to me.” Stick all the way through the end for a mind-numbingly impressive breakdown & guitar solo that solidifies that these two will always have something up their sleeves to keep their listeners on their toes. Keep your eyes peeled to their various socials and profiles for the next tracks as these two start to unroll the next round of jams!

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam